As AOA we manufacture and supply cardboards, paperboards, packing products, cardboard products, paperboard products, paper packings, paper packagings, otc cardboards, cartons, medicine cardboards, otc cartons, medicine cartons, toothpaste cartons, toothpaste cardboards, z fold cartons, z fold cardboards, z fold paperboards, cardboard, paperboard, packing product, cardboard product, paperboard product, paper packing, paper packaging, otc cardboard, carton, medicine cardboard, otc carton, medicine carton, toothpaste carton... Established in 1962, Atilla Ofset Ambalaj – AOA, specialised in packaging from the start up years. Years of rapid growth in Çemberlitaş, then the center for printing in downtown Istanbul, resulted in the need to move to new premises.Topkapı region, being beyond the limits of the Old City, was the best choice.The company erected its new building and started operations in Topkapı in 1974. Pioneering the domestic printing industry in many aspects, AOA specialised in pharmaceutical and health care industries. Always outstanding in quality of its products and services, the company caters to major domestic pharmaceutical production centers as well as US customers. AOA shreds and recycles 100% of all production waste, eliminating the risk of your cartons being used by counterfeiters. The shredded bales are converted to board pulp in domestic mills.

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